Friday, August 28, 2009

All Thompson Shoot

Quiet time on the line.

On the weekend of Aug. 14-15 The American Thompson Association or TATA met for it's annual all Thompson show and shoot. It was the 18 th meeting for the Asso. but the first for me. Firsts for anything always seem to be the best of the event. However, this is one of those events that gives you that "can't wait til the next meeting" feeling; which unfortunately isn't until next August. On Friday, the day before the shooting took place at the Newark, OH Police Range, the faithful all gathered at the home of Tracie Hill and his family. Tracie's basement is converted into a few aisles of tables for everything Thompson and an absolute mecca for the Thompson Sub-Machine enthusiasts. Tracie also took the opportunity to unveil his new book on the Thompson that he compiled with the help of several other authors. This book is a must have for anyone who has a mild to insatiable interest in Thompson's. There were a few guns for sale, but mostly some great collector items, such as manuals, replacement parts and all other memorabilia Thompson. I managed to pick up a couple of choice L drums. A mint Seymour and a battle-hardened drum for shooting that runs right out.

On Saturday, the day of the shoot, we had 38 contestants gather at the Newark Police range for several different events. Shooting started out with the 50 yard single fire event. After that it was all full auto. During the next four stages shooters moved closer to the targets with progressively less time to engage all three targets with a 20 round mag. Once the range got down to the 21 foot line (yes, 21') with 4 seconds to fire, the roar of the Thompson would have been obvious to all but the stone deaf.

After the 5 stages of silhouette shooting we move to the steel plate competition. Two shooters started shooting on command at line of heavy steel plates that took several rounds to push over center and drop. Each shooter started at opposing end of the line of plates. The one that finished first advanced to next round of one on one competition. Overall a great event that I highly recommend to everyone. Only in America!!! Check out the photos and video.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome to Schwandt Classic Arms Blog!

Welcome to Schwandt Classic Arms first blog entry! I will be sharing information regarding shooting events and collecting of fine classic arms. Please stay posted for future postings.