Sunday, February 8, 2015

Vegas Show Report

In Albuquerque, NM on the way home from SCI.  Show was a significant downturn from past years; and unexplainably so!  Most hunting outfitters reported considerably less bookings than last year.  The African outfitter next to me, with 2 booths sold NO hunts. OUCH!  Big outlay for no return.  Most of the gun dealers reported the show as slow to only OK.  Attendance seemed to be down.  Although, it is hard to estimate with the crowd spread out over 4 thousand booths. I doubt the organizers will admit it if that is indeed the case.   High end merchandisers, business that I observed, especially jewelry deals seemed to be doing a brisk business.

As for the Beinfeld Show two weeks ago; which is a total gun show, seemed to be more upbeat than the previous several years.  Most dealers that I talked to reported being well please with the show's results.  Hopefully, it is back on the way up!

Look forward to seeing everyone at Louisville.